Leak Detection Services

Grey Owl Engineering offers expertise in evaluating pipeline systems and selecting detection systems (LDS) for new and existing pipeline infrastructure. The Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA) have reported that corrosion, construction defects, and cracking are the leading cause of all pipeline incidents in Canada. In today’s  regulatory and environmental landscape, pipeline leaks are not to be accepted, yet as reported on CBC News “In 2015, about 16 barrels of crude oil spilled from pipelines…” “Meanwhile, 121.3 million cubic feet of natural gas leaked.” Alberta’s aging pipeline infrastructure suggests that pipeline corrosion risk is at an all-time high, and therefore pipeline leak detection system engineering, design, and implementation are paramount.  Following over 20 investigations on pipeline leaks in Alberta over the past 3 years, Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) is urging operating companies to step up their game in <br> leak detection for multiphase and produced water pipelines.


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