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At Grey Owl Engineering, we offer a comprehensive range of services for upstream oil and gas projects, including oil and gas facilities, pipelines, well sites, water treatment, pipeline leak detection, energy transition and sustainability projects.

Our expertise spans the entire project lifecycle, including conceptual design, feasibility studies, detailed design, FEED studies, facility maintenance, fast-track projects, and procurement.

At our full-service EPCM (Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Management) company, we are dedicated to delivering innovative and sustainable solutions that drive progress while protecting the environment. Our commitment to sustainability and energy transition is reflected in the comprehensive services we offer, aimed at reducing carbon footprints, enhancing energy efficiency, and promoting renewable energy sources. Below, we outline our key focus areas in sustainability and energy transition.


Carbon Reduction Strategies

Zero Emission / Low Emission Well Sites

Flare Reduction

Methane Emission Reduction

Waste Heat Recovery

Plastic Recycling

Our sustainability efforts are integral to our engineering services, encompassing a range of strategies to reduce environmental impact. We implement robust carbon reduction plans, focusing on zero-emission and low-emission well sites that utilize the latest technologies to significantly cut greenhouse gas emissions. Our expertise extends to reducing flaring and methane emissions, crucial for minimizing the environmental footprint of oil and gas operations. Additionally, we design and deploy waste heat recovery systems that convert excess industrial heat into valuable energy, and our plastic recycling initiatives transform waste into reusable materials, fostering a circular economy.

Energy Transition





BESS (Battery Energy Storage System)

As leaders in the energy transition, we provide comprehensive solutions for renewable energy projects, including solar and wind power. Our services cover the entire project lifecycle, from initial design and construction to ongoing management and optimization. We support the burgeoning demand for energy storage with expertise in lithium extraction, processing, and battery production, essential for the electrification of transportation and grid stability. Our hydrogen projects focus on production, storage, and distribution, positioning hydrogen as a cornerstone of the low-carbon economy. We also specialize in ammonia technologies for clean fuel applications and Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) that enhance the integration of renewable energy sources and stabilize energy supply.

Water Treatment

Our water treatment solutions are designed to ensure the sustainability and efficiency of water use in industrial and municipal settings. We develop and implement advanced treatment plants, optimize water usage, and introduce innovative purification and reuse technologies. These efforts address critical water quality challenges and help our clients meet stringent regulatory requirements, ensuring a sustainable approach to water management. Our comprehensive water treatment services not only safeguard this vital resource but also contribute to broader environmental stewardship and operational excellence.

Through our dedication to sustainability, energy transition, and water treatment, we deliver exceptional EPCM services that drive innovation, efficiency, and environmental responsibility in every project we undertake.

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