Gas Plants

Kaybob Liquids Rich Sour Gas Plant

Project: Kaybob Liquids Rich Sour Gas Plant – 150 MMSCFD, 2300 BBL/day Sweet NGL, 4500 BBL/day Sweet Condensate

Client: Celtic Exploration Ltd. / XTO Energy Inc.

Location: Fox Creek, Alberta

Description: The processing plant consists of high (22% H2S) and low sour (2000ppm H2S) inlets. Inlet condensate is sweetened and stabilized. Gas is processed through the amine and refrigeration units and sent to sales. Liquid products include a propane/butane mixture and stabilized condensate.

Materials & Construction: $85,000,000

Engineering Design & Drafting: $4,000,000 (excludes Electrical, Instrumentation and Programming)

Kaybob Sweet Grassroots Gas Facility

Project: Kaybob Sweet Grassroots Gas Facilities

Client: Apache Canada Ltd.


  • Kaybob Sweet Grassroots 10 MMSCFD Compression and Dehydration facility complete with Stabilized condensate storage
  • Kaybob Sweet Grassroots 30 MMSCFD Compressions and Refrigeration facility complete with LPG Storage, 50 Single & dual completion well tie-in program.

East Castor Kaybob Sweet Gas Plant


Project: Kaybob Sweet Gas Plant

Client: Apache Canada Ltd.

Description: East Castor /Brownfield 25 MMSCFD Refrigeration plant addition and plant optimization to process gas up to 52 MMSCFD to meet with TCPL hydrocarbon and water dew point specification.