Grey Owl Engineering was happy to attend and sponsor the 4th annual Flapjack Feast put on by the Gas Processing Association of Canada (GPAC) held at Flames Central. We’ve been attending this event since the beginning, and it’s always a great time. This year, we impressed ourselves as a member of the Grey Owl team had the flexibility to take the cowboy hat in the infamous limbo competition. As part of our bull-rider sponsorship package, we raffled off a “Stampede Survival Kit” containing goodies for the lucky winner.

What was in the Stampede Survival Kit?

Erasable Pen: We were sure to include an erasable pen! Phones are great, but they die, they get lost, and numbers get written down incorrectly! What’s more practical than an erasable pen?
Waterproof Jacket: How about a waterproof jacket? We all know how handy that came in this year as it was a pretty rainy Stampede for the record! Sorry, this jacket did not include hail protection.
Wine and Cheese: With all the fried foods at Stampede, sometimes it can use a little extra class! Wine and cheese for a picnic for two at one of our beautiful parks in Calgary is always a good time, given the rain holds off!
What do you think should be in the kit next year? Did we forget anything? Let us know! If you didn’t get around to the GPAC Flapjack Feast, we hope to see you there next year. Stay tuned through our website or follow our LinkedIn page, Grey Owl Engineering will be there!